NYS Laws
    Anti-Trafficking Law:
    The NYS Anti-Trafficking law established Human Trafficking as a state crime and established a process to “confirm” victims of Human Trafficking under this state law. Confirmed victims, if otherwise eligible, are eligible for benefits and services.

    PDF of Human Trafficking legislation
    Safe Harbor (Harbour) Law:
    This law was created to protect sexually exploited children from being charged with a juvenile delinquent (JD) offense, in appropriate cases. The law defines children who are involved in these crimes as victims, not perpetrators. The Safe Harbor Law provides services to children who have been sexually exploited.

    Office of Children and Family Services hub for Safe Harbour information
    Runaway and Homeless Youth Act:
    NYS legislation for defining runaway and homeless youth, shelters, and enabling legislation. RHY programs have been serving trafficked and commercially sexually exploited youth as long as they have existed. They are able to provide necessary services to youth with few barriers.

    Article 19-H Runaway and Homeless Youth act of 1978

Trafficking Penalties
    Sex trafficking
    A Class B non-violent felony which carries a maximum penalty of 25 years imprisonment
    Labor trafficking
    A Class D felony which carries a maximum penalty of 7 years imprisonment.