By this point in my career I'd like to think I have time management skills down, but I keep surprising myself. The grand goal of this months project was a 'point and click meets zelda-like', but the funny thing about a genre mashup, is you sort of need to make 2 games and smash them together. The zelda-like will barely be done on time, and I haven't even begun on the point and click... so that'll be next months job (along with some contract work), to make the point and click and glue it together for the full vision.

How DID time get away from me? First it was trying to grasp shaders. Then it was the nearly meditative hypnosis that is pixel art. Finally its been obsession with contributing to a couple plugins I'm using for this project that hadn't had a super thorough testing results reported to them. All this has been great learning and growth opportunities for me, but definitely ate into my actual project time. I regret nothing!