The saying 'Some years feel like days and some days feel like years' seems apt this month. Already October and while I don't feel that productive on the hobbyist front, my upgrades to the Food4NY app are far better than I'd have hoped for. Sure I had to stand up an entirely new restful end point to get it to do what I wanted, that pulls from the data warehouse nightly, but the code for the app wasn't nearly as 'hacked' together as I'd convinced myself it was, and the coding time I've put into my 12 month challenge has honed my skills in ways I find hard to believe. In fact I had to pull myself away from the upgrades and declare them done, because they are and I was starting to just add more features because I could. That is the antithesis to this years development, but overall that's a +1 in the freelance column.

Dayjob wise ServiceNow continues to be ServiceNow, and I often wish we weren't tethered to the limitations of their mobile app. Its such a strange hybrid approach they took. Clearly they expect non coders to build apps with this, but it just isn't that mature yet. You really need to tweaks things alot to make them useful. But then you run head long into something ridiculous, like not being able to attach a screen to a button, but you CAN attach a screen to a report, so you have to make a dummy report to function as a button and its really just enough to make you scream. Like most things ServiceNow, if you don't do it their way exactly, you maybe shouldn't do it at all.