I've said it before but I'm consistently surprised by how much you can accomplish so quickly with the Django Rest Framework and of course Django. This week in a fit of anger I stood up an API in 3 days to consume another API that didn't bother to implement any kind of sorting, filtering, or really anything that wasn't 'dump the whole database as JSON poorly'.

That wasn't going to do for my mobile app which was supposed to consume this. Workflow wise the initial load was getting to long, and the simplest solution was to offload some of the work to the database. Can't do that if my only option is to pull everything and then sort and filter it locally.

Rant aside, the API and all the filtering options I could ever want was put up in very little time, and I'm steps closer to real mastery of the Django, something that I didn't know I wanted.

Game development wise, the October project hasn't gotten much traction in the last few days, but previous to that 'Blue Noise -Streets' the point and click component of Blue Noise, was coming along nicely. I'm making better use of plugins and the community to speed up development, and the basic engine mechanics are nearly implemented. Progress is always exciting, and hopefully the full vision of Blue Noise (and hopefully a better title), will be available soon!