Finally we are up and running with something after many years. The least I could have done was a geocities style under construction gif. So here we go. All it took was a global pandemic.


Expect mostly updates at my development struggles as I tackle whatever interests me in the world of code and coding. This is technically the 3rd attempt I've made at a site for myself. This time around the CMS part of the site itself still runs Django, but I've finally upgrades from 1.11 (the last to support Python 2.7) to 3.0 (using fancy Python 3.x, which I don't know near as well as 2.x). The CMS framework itself is CodeRed CMS which is a bit more meaty than just plain Django Wagtail, which is what the second attempt was trying to run. Overall I want control over the code, but I don't want to HAVE to code the website and so far CodeRed CMS seems like a nice compromise. As of this writing the 'blog' and 'arcade' sections should be up and usable, while projects and contact will go up soon.