Two things have dominated the my hobby work this month. The upcoming gamejam, and prep for the gamejam. While I'm officially in the Mix and Gamejam as a solo developer, I have a group of friends who will be helping out in all non-programming stuff. This months official project, inspired by and in celebration of, the newest Brandon Sanderson series, The Storm Light Archives, has been a fun collaborative effort. Called 'StormRider' this iterative project is an attempt to capture the feel of the Windrunner faction featured in said books. You can see the evolution at: through

The iteration and feedback process has been beyond valuable, and hopefully this practice will make tomorrows Jam more easier too!

As for the Jam itself, I'm hoping for a top 25% finish, but frankly just a successful submission will be victory enough. I'll have a full retrospective after I'm done, and expect many lessons to be learned.