In my defense the rocks came out pretty darn good.

My hobbiest game development journey has finally reached a point where my visions out pace my budget and free assets, so like so many others its time to dive into something beyond simple pixel art. I thought this may need to be a full month project in itself, and it may still need to be, but for now my crash course consists of the following:

  • A program to draw in. I choose Aseprite which came highly recommended from many random online denizens. They were right. It's a pretty magical program.
  • A solid tutorial, focused on techniques I can learn and repeat. Pixel Pete on youtube was a lucky algorithm recommendation. His style is... his own, but the focus on technique and solid explanations really worked for me. I recommend just following along at least until the rock tutorial.

So far I already feel pretty good about my work. Seriously I've been staring at my rock all day and can't believe I did it! I'll be excited to see what original work I can put into this months project.