6 weeks to go. Been awhile since the whole team has been firing this hard all at once...

Somnipathy is ultimately a 'hobby' #ndiegame. We have a small budget of < $1k for the whole thing, but it was my desire to 'go all the way' with it, because I'd never done so before. Because I had to know if we COULD.


Along the way I've gotten involved in open source, met many cool devs, learned SO many new techs, and learned a lot about myself and my friends (some positive some negative).


I joke that Somnipathy is an allegory for making the game Somnipathy... the game is about the horrors that keep you awake at night; the challenges of the day, the fear of the evening. But doing a longer term project with friends, with no guarantee of success or even notice... now that is a horror game .

Anyway gotta save some of this musing for the eventual post mortem! Wishlist us if you haven't!

Somnipathy on Steam