Financial Voodoo

Or how in the world do stonks work

Feb. 14, 2021 • A weeping man

Little to say here today. My January game project was a bit of a disappointment and overall I'm a bit disinterested in the Ionic framework these days. After the Gamestop fiasco that was e...

New Year update

or 2021 vision

Jan. 6, 2021 • A weeping man

Holidays make things busy and thus its been a bit since the last update. There is also the little matter of my car being hit by a young driver and having to deal with that. Also on some levels...

Gamejam Eve

Or 48 hours of insanity part 2

Nov. 12, 2020 • A weeping man

Two things have dominated the my hobby work this month. The upcoming gamejam, and prep for the gamejam. While I'm officially in the Mix and Gamejam as a solo developer, I have a group o...

Blue Noise Streets and a GameJam

Or 48 hours of insanity part 1

Nov. 2, 2020 • A weeping man

After a month of hard work work, contract work, and hobby work I can safely say my skills have never been stronger. You can check out Blue Noise - Streets in the Tearcell Arcade to see what ...

Progress or Not

or The realities of work

Oct. 17, 2020 • A weeping man

The saying 'Some years feel like days and some days feel like years' seems apt this month. Already October and while I don't feel that productive on the hobbyist front, my upgra...

October Report

or How I always learn something new about Django

Oct. 8, 2020 • A weeping man

I've said it before but I'm consistently surprised by how much you can accomplish so quickly with the Django Rest Framework and of course Django. This week in a fit of anger I stoo...

Frustration Now 9-29-20 edition

Or how we wasted a day for no reason

Sept. 29, 2020 • A weeping man

If I can save you one head ache when developing for the SerivceNow mobile agent... if I can save you one frustrating day... then this will all have been worth it. When using Multi-scan for ...

Scope Creep

or How I'm bad at time management

Sept. 25, 2020 • A weeping man

By this point in my career I'd like to think I have time management skills down, but I keep surprising myself. The grand goal of this months project was a 'point and click meets zeld...

Diving into Pixel Art

Or how I spent 20 minutes drawing a rock

Sept. 14, 2020 • A weeping man

In my defense the rocks came out pretty darn good. My hobbiest game development journey has finally reached a point where my visions out pace my budget and free assets, so like so many othe...

Shaders are voodoo

Or the rabbit hole has no bottom

Sept. 3, 2020 • A weeping man

As the next hobbyist game project continues, I'm leaning more heavily on shaders then previous endeavors. It's really amazing what they can do, but its also the first coding topic si...